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Dec. 29th, 2008 | 02:25 pm

Your result for What Thundercat are You? Test...

Ho! You're Cheetara!

42% Cheetara, 25% Jaga, 17% Tygra, 33% Panthro, 25% Liono, 17% Wily_kit, 0% Wily_kat, 0% Snarf, 8% Mumm-ra and 17% Slithe!

Cheetara has it a bit rough as she is the only adult female that has survived her planet. But she doesn't seem to mind. She seriously likes being a woman and doesn't think it deters her from being a valued member of the team. She is a Cheeta persona, thus all her lovely spots.

Cheetara is lovely, brave, and caring. She is often the voice of reason. Cheetara has a psychic gift that allows her to sense when there is evil or danger coming. For the most part she sees her gift as more of a curse. It does come with visions, but it tends to drain her of energy.

This cat is fast, though. She can travel up to speeds of 120 mph. She can only do super speeds for short periods of time, but in a fight she tends to move from place to place quickly and with great ease.

Her weapon of choice is a variable length staff that can shoot energy bolts. She can also use it to leap and/or vault over her enemies. When not in use it attaches to her handy dandy wristband.

Things Cheetara might say are:

"I am a woman! I will not be defeated!"

"Fortune favors the bold."

"Pride can be a good thing, but pride carried too far is foolishness."

(Quotes courtesy of thundercatswiki.net)

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